After a year and a half of waiting, SHINee is finally back with their latest hit “Sherlock“, a mash up of two songs from their mini-album of the same name. Their concept is inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyles classic short story series, Sherlock Holmes, and the music video takes place in a museum as the SHINee boys try to solve a mystery. And now, it’s time to unwrap the mystery of SHINee’s killer style!

One great aspect of SHINee’s styling is the nod to Victorian London menswear without taking the period’s fashion too literally. Make the style fit for a lady with lace dresses, antique-inspired accessories like pearls or pocket watches, and finish the look with a retro-shaped heel. Try something new and go for the boyish look with a collared blouse and bow tie. Layer a structured vest that shows off the waistline, and finally, bring this ‘Sherlock‘ look to the 21st century just in time for the summer with bold-printed shorts.