Popular Girls’ Generation member Tiffany has stunned netizens with her sexy outfit. Although her fans are no stranger to the outfit, the general public belatedly became aware of the photos and is giving them much attention.

Recently on an online community board, a post titled “Tiffany’s appearance in her musical” surfaced with the above photos.

The photos shows Tiffany in the midst of putting on a charismatic performance in her debut musical “Fame“. What really drew netizens’ attention was her revealing outfit, which comprised of a black tube top underneath a stunning red dress.

This sexy look showed a side of her that contrasted greatly from her usual look, and had netizens’ jaws dropping over her different image.

They commented, “I didn’t know Tiffany had such a great body” , “Totally sexy” and, “This is a totally different feel from her image in Girls’ Generation!

In related news, “Fame” ended its run in theaters this past January.