After School‘s leader Kahi recently expressed her thoughts regarding the addition of the newest member, Gaeun.

On April 14th, the singer wrote on her Twitter, “What? Nine members? What is this news I hear?? ^^;;;; Anyways… It’s always like this… We’re working hard and it’s like they dumped cold water over us…

Pledis confirmed a few days ago that 17-year-old Gaeun would be the newest ‘freshman’ of After School. However, judging by the recent tweet, it seemed as if Kahi did not know about the new member.

However, Kahi quickly cleared up the misunderstandings by later tweeting, “Oh! Please don’t misunderstand~ I did know about the new member. Please continue to show lots of love to Gaeun and After School! We are also diligently practicing on our upcoming concert! Look forward to our Japanese concert!

From her Twitter posts, fans have speculated that Kahi was saying that she knew about the addition of the new member, but was not aware of the fact the After School would become a 9-member group, hinting that the group may have another graduation coming up.

Netizens commented, “A change in the group that even the leader doesn’t know about?“, “What are you talking about, unni?“, and “What about a concert in Korea?

Meanwhile, After School is scheduled to hold their first solo concert on April 27th in Tokyo, Japan.

What do you think Kahi is saying?