Leeteuk revealed his jealousy of 2AM‘s Jinwoon on this week’s broadcast of reality program ‘We Got Married‘.

The Super Junior leader and his on-screen wife Kang Sora held their own question and answer session. The couple went through 80 questions sent in by viewers of the show, which included inquiries like, “What would you name your children if you gave birth to twins?”, “What do your parents say about your partner?”, and “Can you ask each other about your thoughts on ‘skinship’?”

Leeteuk seemed especially interested in the answer to one question, asking “Who do you like between the two of us?” in reference to Kang Sora’s ‘Dream High 2‘ co-star and scripted love interest, Jinwoon. She responded, “Of course, I like my husband,” making the idol obviously happy.

He went on to ask her about her thoughts on the 2AM member to which Sora replied, “He’s cute.” Leeteuk apparently, got immediately jealous. She went on, “I only see him as a dongseng, but there are going to be a lot of scenes with him in the future.”

When the staff of ‘We Got Married’ asked Leeteuk to comment on Jinwoon during his individual interview for the show, he answered quickly, “I have nothing to say,” showing that he might be a little nervous about his wife’s other on-screen romance.