Does your face tend to puff up in the morning after munching on late night ramen? If so, you may want to takeSeo In Young’s advice—Drink lots of milk with it.

On the December 19 episode of KBS “Star Life Theater,” Seo In Young showed off her hotel room full of late night snacks, particularly cup noodles. “This is my engine when I come abroad. I can’t live without ramen noodles,” she said.

While cooking the noodles, she said, “I always drink milk after eating ramen, and then go to sleep. I heard it’s better to cook ramen with some milk in it. If you drink milk after eating ramen, it helps prevent your face from puffing up.”

She was also asked if she ever goes on diet, and she said, “I do it when I have to, but I don’t like it.”

During the show, Seo In Young revealed her future dream as fashion designer, as she said, “I want to become a fashion designer. I would also like to study fashion sometime in the future. First, I’d like to start off by collaborating with other designers and later I want to make my own designed-products.”