Recently, photos titled “Park Yoochun’s Family Photos” have surfaced various internet communities. In them, JYJ’s Yoochun along with actor Park Yoo Hwan (“A Thousand Days’ Promise” and “Sparkling Sparkling”) and their mother are smilingly brightly. All three have the same puppy eyes and sharp nose, earning them the title “superior genes.”

Netizens who’ve seen the photos commented, “Their mother must be so lucky to have two great looking sons,” “The boys look like their mom,” and “Ah! It’s Soo Ae’s little brother.” It’s been discovered that the photos were a screenshot from “Come on over, JYJ Private DVD.” The DVD has been released first in the U.S. and Japan and have been in great demand. “Come on over, JYJ Private DVD” is a documentary-like video that captured the private lives of the three JYJ members.