Fans that weren’t able to participate in SHINee’s Asia tour, “SHINee the First Concert – SHINee World,” will be delighted to hear that the boys will be releasing a photobook detailing their concerts in Seoul and Tokyo!

The 192-page photobook will feature photos taken directly from the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium and the Tokyo Yoyogi Stadium to enable fans to feel the passion and heat right from the scene. Photos include plenty of behind the scenes cuts, waiting room shots, and rehearsal scenes, making it a must have item.

A separate booklet will also be included with the photobook with special stories told by the members themselves, answers to some questions asked by fans, and handwritten autographs and messages.

In related news, SHINee will be spending their Christmas Eve and day in Japan, as they will hold their first album release event at the Tokyo International Forum and participate in the “Music For All, All For One” concert with other artists the next day.