Singer IU is Google’s most-searched term in Korea, according to a report from local news agencies and Google’s year-end search review. IU came in first based on statistics gathered by the popular search engine site. IU topped the “top searches” category for South Korea.

Second to IU in the same category is “Nonghyup internet banking,” while “Galaxy S” came in third. Other K-Pop and entertainment-related searches in the category were the teen drama “Dream High” in fourth place, “Secret Garden” in fifth and SNSD in sixth. “Dream High” likewise topped the searches in the TV programs category.

In the music category, Leessang’s “Asura Balbalta” took first place, followed by “Heartstrings” while “Sunny” topped the movie searches.

Google revealed its lists of most-searched keywords of 2011 in categories and by country through Google Zeitgeist (