It has been recently known that an individual, who is not affiliated with SM Entertainment, owns shares of the SNSD trademark. Therefore, SM Entertainment is planning to take action against that certain individual.

On December 19, sources from SM have revealed that this particular individual owns shares in nine different parts of the SNSD trademark including clothing, food, cosmetics and more. An SM representative talked with Sports Donga News and said, “At the time of their debut, trademark rights for things like their album and publication have been attained. However, rights for cosmetics and clothing have not been registered under our agency.”

The individual has registered those trademark rights under SNSD’s shortened name, “Soshi” and their Chinese character name as well. Light has been shed on this issue through a current shopping mall business opening, where several different people tried to claim rights of the SNSD trademark.

SM Entertainment has revealed that they will be taking thorough and strong legal actions in order to solve this problem.