BEAST’s fierce rapper Yong Jun Hyung have celebrated his 23rd birthday with many fans and celebrity friends.

Yong Jun Hyung turned 23 on December 19 and fans have been wishing him a happy birthday through the Internet in many different ways. Fans reached out to him through Internet forums, online communities, social media networks, fan cafes and more. One of the presents given to him through the Internet was a collage of Yong Jun Hyung’s past photos.

Also, since this is his first birthday after revealing his relationship with Kara’s Goo Hara, many have once again, wished them a long and happy love.

Many celebrities wished him a happy birthday through Twitter as well. Check out their tweets: After School’s Kahi said, “Busy man Yong Jun, have you had your birthday soup? Happy birthday! Hope you are the happiest in the world today!”  Son Dam Bi said, “Happy Birthday, be healthy.” G.NA said, “Happy birthday Yong Jun Hyung! I hope you have a joyful birthday! Happy birthday hommie!”

Of course, other members of BEAST delivered birthday wishes through Twitter as well. Yoon Du Joon said, “Yong Jun Hyung, look on top of your desk kekeke,” (implying that he had a gift for him there) and “Happy birthday Yong Jun Hyung – you are sleeping underneath me right now.” Lee Ki Kwang tweeted, “I’m late but I’m crazily wishing my Jun Hyung a happy birthday! Please wish him a happy birthday too!” Jang Hyun Seung posted, “J.O.K.E.R. happy happy birthday!” Son Dong Woon posted, “I was with you yesterday so I didn’t tweet but once again, happy birthday to you!”

Let’s all wish Yong Jun Hyung a happy birthday!